Purpose and Mandate

Community Centre 55 is an agency of the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto provides core administrative funding. Community Centre 55 is also a registered charity #118870310RR0001. You can find out more about us here.

Community Centre 55 is a community-based organization, developed by and accountable to the community. The main purpose of Community Centre 55 is community service delivery and to act as an intermediary organization, facilitating the development of the community by helping to strengthen its capacity. Community Centre 55 helps people help themselves.

We ensure that people know which programs and services exist and how to access them. When appropriate, Community Centre 55 assists people to access programs and services. We facilitate the development of the community, by providing consulting services. We provide direct programs and services to the community. Our primary service boundaries are West of Victoria Park Avenue to Coxwell Avenue, North of Lake Ontario to the City of Toronto limits.

Community Centre 55 is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 persons, which includes the ward City of Toronto Councillor as the ex officio member. The members are elected by the community and are appointed by City Council.

Board of Management

Leanne Rapley Chair
Michael Adams Vice-Chair
Lynne Penberthy Treasurer
Carole Stimmell Secretary
Carol Wilson
Leigh Balgopal
Mary-Margaret McMahon
Ex Officio Member
Member of Toronto City Council

Schedule of Meetings

The Board of Management of Community Centre 55 usually meets every second Tuesday of the month and recesses for July and August. Agenda’s and minutes are available from Debbie Visconti, Executive Director, 416.691.1113 ext 225.

The 1986 Toronto Historical Board plaque

“This was the site of East Toronto Town Hall built in 1888. East Toronto was annexed to the City in 1909 and in 1911 the hall was replaced by Police Station No. 10, later renamed No.55. Designed by Robert McCallum, City Architect, the facility was used for 65 years by the police, who shared space with the Public Health Department and ‘Neighbourhood Workers’, a group that dealt with social problems in the community, particularly during the depression of the 1930s. In 1973 the police moved to larger quarters.Three years later, Community Centre 55 was established here. It continues as a local landmark with a tradition of community service.”.