Programs for the Community

Graffiti Removal, Mural & Information Program

Community Centre 55’s Graffiti Removal & Information Program (GRIP) provides graffiti removal services and community mural painting in the community.

Diverson & Education Component

Community Centre 55’s Graffiti Diversion and Education Programme provides youth convicted of graffiti related crime the opportunity to complete their community service obligation and learn about the impact of their crime. The youth are paired with CC55 employees who are trained to work with these youth and remove graffiti in a timely manner using environmentally friendly products. The youth will see first hand the impact that the graffiti has on the community and the hard work that it takes to remove graffiti from public and private property.

For the time being, Community Centre 55 can only accept participants who have been referred by the courts, probation officers and the Toronto Police Service. Repeat offenders will not be accepted into the programme.

Mural Component

Community Centre 55 also facilitates a Mural Program to help transform heavily tagged walls into impressive works of art. This art beautifies the community and acts as as strong deterrent to additional graffiti tagging. Murals are a collaborative project between artists, diversion & education programme participants and the local community. It is an educational and rewarding experience for everyone involved; teaching teamwork skills and the importance of encouraging creativity.

For more information about the Graffiti Removal & Information Programme, please contact Evonne Hossack, Programme Director at 416-691-1113 ext. 222.

Funding for this programme is provided by the City of Toronto, StART program.